• Identification of potential tenders; review and interpretation of Standard Bidding Documents (SBD).
  • Initiating new contacts with the suppliers and the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), followed by soliciting offers which are reviewed to ensure compliance with tender requirements.
  • Working on pre-bid clarifications and conducting site visits to end-users’ premises when needed.
  • Preparing and compiling complete bid packages including technical and engineering documents, commercial and company documents, bonds and guarantees according to Standard Bidding Documents.
  • Visiting end-user site to discuss bid requirements and to submit hard copy of the bid package.
  • Gathering information related to active tenders, including bidders and competition status.
  • Visiting Iraqi end-users’ site to submit letters and any requested document pertaining to active tenders.
  • Working on post bid clarifications.
  • Monitoring offers and bid bond validities.
  • Visiting Iraqi end-users’ site to continuously follow-up on the status of active tenders and submitted bid packages, until final bidding results are completed and issued.
Execution is the process of accepting and completing a buy re-sell order with a successful delivery to the client. Once the Award Letter is received, the following steps are taken:
  • Issuance of performance bond from accredited bank to the beneficiary party.
  • Revision of contract terms and conditions, signing contract and handling Letters of Credit (L/C).
  • Providing detailed Purchase Order to manufacturer with payment through Irrevocable confirmed L/C issued from a prime bank and 100% released based on Ex-Factory basis.
  • Handling delegations, trainings, Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), Third Party Inspections, Shipping, Insurances, Certificate of Origin issuance, and documents legalization process to guarantee a proper and compliant submission to the bank and smooth clearance at final destination.
  • Settlement of payment and taxes, as well as issuance of successful completion certificates.